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Hi, my name is Leah and I have been hosting International Students for over 12 years and love it!

You will be offered a ride downtown in the mornings,(where many of the language schools are located.) The ride usually takes less than 15 minutes. In the evening, the bus ride takes 45-55 minutes or less.

There are five bedrooms for International students. There is a shared bathroom for each two bedrooms. Each bedroom has a small refrigerator in it.

I love to go to movies, concerts and plays, and to have my grandchildren visit me. I sing in choirs and in church.

I do have dogs, but they are outside if you prefer it. I allow them in during the day when students are in school. If you have allergies, then this homestay is not a good choice for you.

* wireless internet connection
* piano
* hundreds of DVDs and On Demand TV, Netflix
* laundry machines
* towels and linens
* street parking
* the kitchen to cook (a shelf in the refrigerator and freezer as well as the cupboards for your food)

The pricing is different depending on if you share a room.

I do not provide meals. This is a no smoking household (you must not smoke at all because of asthma).

Please contact me with questions.
~ Leah (most of my students call me Mom)

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ride downtown ... Leah
$600 USD

Name ride downtown ... Leah
Location San Diego, California (USA)
Neighbourhood map click here
Date available: 2017-06-01
Until: 2017-12-31
Monthly homestay fees $600 USD per month
Does this include meals?   no
Includes breakfast? no
Includes lunch? no
Includes supper? no

Does this homestay have pets?    no
Does this homestay allow smoking?    no

Link to photos: none

Listing submitted: 2011-02-15

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